Selinunte sarduzze rock with pistachio pesto from Valle del Platani

Roccia di sarduzze di Selinunte al pesto di pistacchi della Valle del Platani

1 Kg of Selinunte sardines
200 grams of pistachios from the Platani valley
100 gr of soft wheat flour
100 gr cherry tomatoes of pachino
1 onion
1 carrot
1 Genoese courgette
1 red pepper
100 gr breadcrumbs
50 gr grated aged horse cheese
extra virgin olive oil


Mix the flour with plenty of water as if it were a very fluid batter, in a well heated non-stick pan pour a ladle and spread it to form a brik leaf.Remember that it must remain white, let it cool and form a cone and a concave leaf bake at 180 degrees for five minutes, taking on a golden color.

Scale and bone the sardines, 50 g of pistachio, blend it coarsely and 30 g reduce it to powder 20 g keep it whole shelled.

Prepare a pesto with whole pistachio, basil and oil, cut the vegetables into cubes.

In a pan, fry the onion, add the carrots, the pepper, the zucchini and the tomato when cooked. Chop the sardines with a knife in a container, combine everything with the breadcrumbs, taking care to keep a little for the breading, the caciocavallo, chopped parsley, the chopped pistachios sprinkled with the pesto and mix with a pinch of salt.

Cut sheets of film 25 x25, place two spoons of dough in the center and wrap to form a ball (or the shape of the rocher), unpack and pass it in a panura composed of breadcrumbs and pistachio powder, put in a pan and bake at 180 g for 8 minutes.

Serve inside the brik with a little pesto and chopped pistachios on top, putting the cone as a cover

Recipe by Chef Beppe Giuffrè

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